All about Copper

All about Copper

We use Copper for many of our jewelry and accessory items. We hand punch or cut the copper into shapes from huge sheets of metal. We then polish it up to get rid of any sharp edges and patina they may have gotten on the Copper while we were working with it. Next it is ready to stamp and assemble into your amazing items!

I mentioned we polished it before stamping, to rid the Copper of any patina. We do this a few times actually. We do this after we cut and prepare the metal for stamping, once again after we stamp the letters into it, again after we oxidize the letters to make them the black color you see in most of the items, and a last time after we assemble and check the item for packaging. 

We do this because yes, Copper does patina, which is a type or tarnish. It is a thin coating that the metal creates and covers itself to protect it from weather and more so with our items, it is protecting itself from us. We may get it wet, lotion on it, perfume, oils from our skin, etc. All of this can lead to corrosion of the metal, but not for copper. It will instead create the patina and cover up, so it will not be harmed. The copper will do this over and over again and again so it is inevitable. 

Many people love this look, it can darken the cooper and give it a rustic look and feel, sometimes it can turn the copper different colors, such as blue, green, purple, etc. and create a whole new feel and look of the items. If your are not one who likes this and would rather have the bright shiny Copper look back, the god news is you can polish this yourself with a dry copper or brass polish pad. With a few rubs back and forth of the polish pad on the Copper, the patina will come right off and your shiny Copper pendant will be back to looking brand new! If your item came with a patina or rustic look, polishing them with the pads, can remove this look, and leave you with the shiny Copper. 


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