What does Christmas mean to you?

We wanted to reach out to our biggest fans and find out what Christmas means to you.  The most important thing about Christmas to us is life.  Those who touch ours and the ones we touch.  The ones who are near us everyday and the ones that are gone and far away.  We celebrate this season with love and warmth; not with gifts or presents.  Although we make your gifts with love all year long, lets take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.  Gifts cannot replace the love and joy of sharing our special moments with our friends and families.

In the meantime we have a few requests from Santa's workshop as our busy little elves are working hard to get those presents out on time.

What can you do to be a helper during Christmas in our workshop? We love spending our time making your one of a kind gifts.  However, sometimes we are limited by the time we can spend making your handmade gifts due to messages.  We have noticed several messages can be answered in your invoice, item description, or the shop announcements.  We are going to give you a few tips to check your list to see if we can help you answer your own questions before sending the shop a message.  This will give us more time to make your orders and hopefully get them under your tree for Christmas morning.  

Santa has a few requests for you little elves out there to help make our delivery magical.  Make a list of your questions and check them twice. 

1) Where is my package- Please check your invoice for the ship out date and message about shipping during the week of Christmas - once you receive your tracking email you can follow that all the way to delivery.

2) Will I get this by Christmas- Our guaranteed date for delivery before Christmas was on December 1st.  If you placed your order by December 1st than you should have your package by Christmas. Packages sent by Dec 20th, the USPS has stated will be delivered before Christmas, we will be shipping by Dec 18th. Others we are able to get to is a bonus for you.  

3) Can you tell me the price?  Please select from the options and add your items to your cart. You will then see your total price at the end before placing your order.

4) Can I change the names/text/dates on this item?  Yes, of course, can change any of this for you.  We ask that you leave this in the notes section of your order for seller.  If we have any questions we will reach out to you.

We would love to hear from you.  What is something magical that has happened to you this Christmas.  Here on our blog we would love to hear of your Christmas miracles, that no gift or dollar could ever replace.  Lets share the gift of healing to those in need of a hug or a smile.  How about the gift of laughter?  Remember to laugh out those silly little Christmas struggles. Its okay if the lights are crooked.  Finally, Santa asks that you please not get your tinsel in a tangle...we are working hard on your gifts!!!!

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