A peek behind Sweet Aspen Jewels

A peek behind Sweet Aspen Jewels

When starting this adventure or business, I had no idea what I was in for. I knew I wanted to make Jewelry and I knew I wanted it to be unique and mean something to whom ever wore it. So my journey began, little did I know then, I was in for a huge surprise. My business would expand and grow, it would bring a lot of really neat designs to a lot of really neat people!

I managed to fall in love with a business where I hand-make everything. So not only do I have to be my own manager, bookkeeper, customer service, packaging and shipping service, but I also have to make everything... by hand... one at a time!

Making hand stamped jewelry, in the mist of business means;

Cutting out the metal... polishing it... hammering in each letter, one at time... and that means, each letter, number, symbol, design... you name it I pound each one into the metal with a stubby 10oz hammer!

After we do this it is more polishing...

Oxidizing the letters, numbers, symbols, sometimes even, the metal itself, which is adding the black color to it...

Polishing goes on some more...

Assembling the pendants, crystals, charms... onto each ring, onto the chain...

A final polish and check before it is... wrapped, packaged, and placed in the envelope, ready for postage.

Now I love what I do, and I am sharing this with you because I know how much it means to all of you, that all of this hard work goes into each of your items, that we take the time to make sure we do each step correctly. That we check and double check for errors and small details that may distort the final product, the one you see in the photos, the one you want for yourself or to give to your loved one and say with pride, here I helped design this; just for you.

We know you appreciate every detail that is thought of and placed carefully so that you have not just a gift but meaning behind your gift. It can tell a story, it can tell part of your story. We know you will love the smile on their face when, they see that you took that extra time when thinking of their gift, and adding that personal touch.

That you gave us that time to make sure your items were made with hard work and lots of love. After all time is such a rare commodity these days, it is more precious than any gift you could give. So spend your time with them and trust we are working as hard as we can to get your item to you.

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