A Police Officer Has My Heart Keychain

$ 26.00

Being the Wife or Girlfriend of a Police Officer is not an easy task. You constantly worry about their safety and well-being while on duty. You wonder each day if they will return home to you. However, there is also a rewarding element to this lifestyle. Knowing your man (or woman) is out there protecting our city and taking on the challenging duties that come with the territory. This keychain was created to allow you to carry it around and show love and appreciation for all that your husband or wife endure. Includes both “A Police Officer has my Heart” washer and “My Best Friend” pendant.



  • Includes blue pearls, police shield & ring (no crystal) – this piece can be swapped out for either a sheriff star or heart if desired
  • Leave badge or shield number to be stamped on small heart
  • Please leave details in “Notes” section available in your CART
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