Paramedic or EMT Keychain

$ 16.00

Paramedics and EMT are some of the bravest people who hardly ever get recognition that is well deserved. They run into danger and save lives everyday. They make split decisions everyday to selflessly help others and they do it very well. They are some of our everyday heroes and this keychain is a great way to show them just how Badass they truly are!

The Keychain will come just as pictured, please select from the menu for Paramedic or EMT. You can add a name, 2 names max. We have opened the keychain up to other, if there is another profession you would like to add, instead of Paramedic or EMT, please select other and leave in the notes, please pay attention to the space allowable, about 10 letters max will fit here with the Star of Life.

-2 inch Silver Aluminum Rectangle
-Steel Ring

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