Drive Safe Tow Truck Driver Keychain

$ 26.00

Long hours, dirty clothes, and a tired man is what you see every time he comes through the door. Although exhausted, he still makes time for his family, especially the little ones. He asks about their day and what they would like to share before bedtime. It isn’t long before the phone rings and he is out the door once again. Tow truck drivers are hardworking and deserve the praise that should be given to them. We created this keychain as a sentimental gift idea for your child(ren) to give “Dad” to show their love and admiration for all that he does. Daddy can carry it with him wherever he goes.

Please leave the names you would like on the copper piece in the notes. You can also change DAD to any other name you would like (up to 8 characters)if you do this leave this in the notes as well. The standard title will be DAD, if nothing is left. 

Thank you.

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