Her Strength Her Hero™ Mother and Daughter Hearts Keychains

$ 38.00

Behind every Hero lies their strength. The thing that gives them strength to keep going, to keep pushing forward. Her Strength Her Hero™ is hand stamped along these keychains for you to show her, that she is your strength, or your hero! You are your Mother's Daughter, there is that special bond that can’t be broken. Years of laughter, smiles and even tears, a mother and daughter relationship is a lifelong journey of love unspoken. Each one forms a link that cannot be undone.

This set portrays the beautiful friendship that is shared between mom and her sweet girl.  Give as a birthday or Mother’s Day gift, which will arrive packaged to perfection and ready to be gifted.

You will receive two keychians, one with the Heart cut out Washer stamped "Her Strength" and one Heart stamped "Her Hero". They will arrive in the wrapped gift box topped with the Her Strength Her Hero Poem Card. 

Her Strength, Hero Hero, along with His Strength, Her Hero and Her Strength, His Hero are all apart of a new collection, with many unique designs for you to choose from. We welcome you to take a look, so you can find the best set to fit your relationship. 

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