Children's Medical Traveling Bracelet

$ 21.00

We take children’s safety very seriously and that is why we have worked closely with an elite team of First Responders to create this unique and adjustable bracelet for your little ones. It is cut from 1100 grade anti-tarnish aluminum that is also lead free – making it both very light and safe against a child’s skin. The cuff design allows for it to “hug” your child’s wrist, ensuring it stays in place and is not dangling loosely like a variety of bracelets on the market.

We know firsthand the worry a parent experiences when you’re in a busy place, on vacation, or when your children are away from you, especially when they have either severe allergies or a serious medical condition. Regardless of how long he may be away from your care, reactions can happen in seconds, resulting in life or death situations. Always be prepared by providing a child with a medical bracelet they can wear at all times. Heaven forbid they step out of your eyesight, with your number on their bracelet, they can easily get help and show someone how to instantly get in touch and find you.

This design is also versatile and simple, making it appropriate for either gender. We have made it more enticing for your child by allowing him or her to choose cute designs to accompany the information on either end. Purchase one today and give yourself a little more peace of mind knowing your children are protected.


  • List name, phone number and medical information to be stamped – we will arrange as advised by medical professional
  • Let him or her pick their fun designs – ex: football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, bicycle, plane, stars, hearts, awareness ribbon, angel wings, cross, dinosaur, soldier bootprints, princess crown, flowers, starfish, flipflops, dolphin, Dog face, pawprints, skull & Cross bones, alien spaceship, space rocket, anchor, train, airplane, motorcycle, police shield firefighter cross, medical star of life, etc. Just ask if you don't see one you like.
  • Please leave details in “Notes” section available in your CART

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