Lifetime Washer Necklace

$ 24.00

This is a Hand Stamped Lifetime Washer Necklace. Such an unique necklace is like your very own time capsule. We want to you completely customize each piece by adding some of the most memorable moments from your life all on one piece of jewelry. This is a truly unique necklace that would be a perfect Anniversary Gift! This is really a Great gift for anyone!

-Each washer is the size of a quarter, and will slide onto the necklace chain.
-Stamping can be all the way around each washer and fit about 4-8 words/dates(1 date equals 2 words). This will depend on the word and the font used. I can use multiple fonts to make them stand apart from each other, as well as adding some design stamps to help represent each special moment in your life!
-The Silver metal used is Silver Aluminum. Silver Aluminum is Light-Weight and Tarnish Free! it is also Hypoallergenic, therefore it will be used more through out the necklace! The Copper and NuGold(Red Brass) do tarnish and need to be polished to keep their shine or they will pick up a vintage look, whichever you prefer, we love them both!

Please give us all the details for what you would like on each washer, as well as any designs, or notes if you would like us to figure out what Designs to add to each washer. Please also include the metal that you want each washer to be. If there is no specifications for the metal or designs left from you, we will only stamp the words/dates you have indicated, and we will choose the colors for you. Washers will be set from back to front! *FEEL FREE to message me Exactly what you want on each Washer if you would like us to help figure out what will fit best, the way you would like it!

1 David Wyatt 3/12/2003(football stamp)
2 Graduated UNC 2005
3 Married Shane McCoy 8/5/2005(wedding ring stamp)
4 Olivia London 6/22/07(Flower)

Please leave all the personalization details for your items in the "Notes" section after you add it to your CART. Thank you!

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