Lineman Wife Prayer Bracelet

$ 21.70

The Lineman Wife, Girlfriend, Mom Prayer is Hand Stamped onto this 2 Cuff Bracelet Set. It will read

"❤ When duty calls him, wherever storms may rage, give me Strength...
to let him go, and may he always come back safe❤ "

Instead of Line Wife at the end you can add a name, date, ticket number or any other short 2-3 words!

These Bracelets are each 1/4" so 1/2" total, they are made from light weight 100% Anti-Tarnish Hypoallergenic Aluminum, which is lead free and very safe for your skin! We chose this metal, because it is hypoallergenic, very sturdy and light, and are easy to bend, as our skin cools and heats, it expands and shrinks, so it is easy to make them the perfect size all of the time.

Please leave all the personalization details for your items in the "Notes" section after you add it to your CART. Thank you!

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