Military Child Necklace

$ 18.00

Not only does the military affect adults, but it has a large impact on children as well; and that is why we designed this one of a kind necklace for them. Created with a suede cord, this simple piece features a name of your choice and a dandelion stamp – which is the official flower of the military child. Why is that you may ask? Well, a dandelion is nearly indestructible and plants its roots almost everywhere. It is an unassuming plant, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Much like dandelions, military children are survivors with roots set deep in their army upbringing. They go effortlessly wherever the wind blows and can adapt to any situation put in front of them. They’re ready to fly in the breeze that will take them to new adventures, lands, and new friends. Purchase this jewelry for the little one in your life to let them know how much they are appreciated, afterall they make sacrifices for your military family too.


  • Suede cord color of your choice
  • State name to be stamped on pendant
  • Please leave name to be stamped in “Notes” section available in your CART
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