Travel Safe Keychain Gift

$ 21.00
Make sure your loved one has one of these Travel Safe Keychains to take with them on their trip! Customize your gift with "Fly Safe Daddy" or any other Traveling phrase along with your name/s around the edge! This is a great gift for your favorite traveler, pilot, sailor, biker, or even your new teen driver! So you can remind them you will always be awaiting their safe return, whether they are traveling around the world or around the block. Each Keychain comes with one charm (Airplane, Sailboat, Street bike, Cruiser, Dirt bike, Car, Pickup Truck, etc.)

**What We Need**
-Your name/s to be stamped around the edge
Also what phrase you would like stamped in the center
*Ex: Fly Safe - (Airplane, Helicopter, etc.)
*Sail Safe - (Sailboat Charm)
*Drive Safe (Car, Truck, etc)
*Cruise Safe (Ship, Cruiser, etc.)
*Ride Safe (Street bike, Dirt bike, Cruiser, Train, etc)
--Please leave these details in the notes section in your CART - If there is a specific charm you would like as well, let us know and we will try to get one for you!

You can change the phrase on the key chain if you prefer something different. Please note, the new wording needs to be similar in length so it will fit.
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