Pieced Together Perfectly Autism Keychain

$ 26.00
Pieced Together Perfectly is Hand Stamped on the ring of this Keychain. You can personalize the heart with a name, date, or any 1 word or date. This Keychain is a great way to show your support for your loved one with Autism or Autism in general. It will include the silver puzzle outline and the Awareness Ribbon. We also have a design without the Pearls, check that out for a different option.

We believe "Pieced Together Perfectly" is a better way to think of Autism. Your Pieces might not fit together like others, but really no one has their pieces fitting together the same and it is what makes us all unique. We believe that you are pieced together perfectly, just the way you are.

Thank you!
We make Custom Jewelry & Accessories Inspired by the everyday Warriors who are fighting a battle within themselves or for others. We are touched by their Strength, Compassion, and Drive to survive or help others through Selfless Acts of Kindness, Service, and Charity.

We love how we can use Hand Stamping, to add a personal touch and create some truly unique items tailored just for you. Each piece that we make can never be duplicated or replicated. There will be slight variations between each one, as they are all handmade. With Hand Stamping, We use a little metal stamp and a hammer to hammer in your words or designs each one letter at a time! We cut our own metal, polish it, then mold it into the beautiful creations you see here!

We can't wait to get started on your One-of-a-Kind items, and tell your Heroic Story!
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