Police Wife Prayer Bracelet

$ 31.00
Loving a Police Officer is a courageous type of love! Here is a beautiful way to keep them in your heart and mind. A small way to remind yourself that your Police Officer or Sheriff has your heart with him and will be coming home to you as soon as they can. This emotional piece of jewelry is very unique as it displays a custom Police Wife Prayer just for you. Stamped on two 100% anti-tarnish, hypoallergenic bracelets, it reads “(1st) When duty calls, and he must leave, shield him with my love and give him…(2nd) all the strength he needs to make it back home to me ~ Police Wife” ™ These ¼” bracelets are very sturdy and adjustable, so you can cherish them for years to come. We hope this piece may ease the anguish you may feel without him or her at your side, especially when you need him most.


  • Option to add name, date or name to end of prayer
  • Please leave details in “Notes” section available in your CART

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