Sister Bracelet

$ 24.00

When growing up, sibling rivalry was present way too often than your parents would have ever liked (or admitted to their friends), but as you grew older, you realized you had more in common than you ever thought imaginable. The fighting was replaced with laughter and tears of joy, and before you knew it, you were always by each other’s sides with whatever life chose to throw at you.

So whether you have a sister by blood or a best friend that always has your back, we can all agree that sisters have an unbreakable bond and a love that would sink any other relationship! Therefore, we created this beautiful cuff bracelet, hand stamped with, “A Sister is God's Way of making sure we never walk alone” to act as a constant reminder of our sibling(s) and what they truly mean to us. Mom and dad would be proud!


  • Made from light weight, 100% anti-tarnish, hypoallergenic aluminum
  • Lead-free and safe on skin
  • Very Sturdy and Lightweight
  • Easy to bend/shape to adjust to wrist size at any time, as your skin cools and heats, your wrist expands and shrinks, so you can easily have a perfectly sized bracelet all of the time
  • Add up to 4 names on end of bracelet (Please leave details in"Notes" section available in your CART)
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