Team Ball Cord Bracelet

$ 19.00
The 2 Sports Balls help this braided cord bracelet adjust in size. This Bracelet comes with a 1 inch Hand Stamped Washer as well. It comes with a Name, Jersey Number, and Team name. But you can change these details to say something different instead.The Top of the Washer can fit 6-10 Characters as well as the bottom!

We do have more colors for the cord, and will be posting a photo of them all soon. Please send us a message if you would like a different color, as we will be adding more and more all of the time. 

Please let us know in the Notes section on your CART page what you would like stamped on the washer. (Name, Number, Team Name, Position)
**If you would like a different color, let us know that too!
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