Dad Helicopter Keychain

$ 26.00

As a pilot, you must show qualities of fearlessness and bravery while in the line of duty. You are a guardian of freedom and you will not accept defeat. You do what is necessary to bring yourself home, where the people who love you the most reside, especially your children. They are your biggest fans and supporters, as they look up to you with such amazement.

This keychain is a special gift that your child can present to his or her father that may be carried with him wherever he travels. It will remind him of the ones anxiously awaiting his arrival his arrival back home.

Please leave the names you would like on the copper piece in the notes. You can also change DAD to any other name you would like, if you do this leave this in the notes as well. The standard title will be DAD, if nothing is left.

Thank you.

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