“I have always loved having something Unique! Something different, something that no one else has & something that puts a smile in my heart every time I see it, think about it or do it!”

Paramedic or EMT Keychain
I've Got Your Six - Police Paracord Bracelet
Mrs. Firefighter Keychain
Paramedic Wife Cuff Bracelet
EMT Paramedic Money Clip
Love my Paramedic Necklace
Personalized Pocket Coin
Personalized Money Clip
Trust Me, I'm a Mechanic Keychain
Memorial Wedding Sign
Drive Safe Truck Driver Keychain
Custom Papa Money Clip


All about Copper

All about Copper

We use Copper for many of our jewelry and accessory items. We hand punch or cut the copper into shapes from huge sheets of metal. We then polish it up to get rid of any sharp edges and patina they may have gotten on the Copper while we were working with it. Next it is ready to stamp and assemble into your amazing items!

I mentioned we polished it before stamping, to rid the Copper of any patina. We do this a few times actually. We do this after we cut and prepare the metal for stamping, once again after we stamp the letters into it, again after we oxidize the letters to make them the black color you see in most of the items, and a last time after we assemble and check the item for packaging. 

We do this because yes, Copper does patina, which is a type or tarnish. It is a thin coating that the metal creates and covers itself to protect it from weather and more so with our items, it is protecting itself from us. We may get it wet, lotion on it, perfume, oils from our skin, etc. All of this can lead to corrosion of the metal, but not for copper. It will instead create the patina and cover up, so it will not be harmed. The copper will do this over and over again and again so it is inevitable. 

Many people love this look, it can darken the cooper and give it a rustic look and feel, sometimes it can turn the copper different colors, such as blue, green, purple, etc. and create a whole new feel and look of the items. If your are not one who likes this and would rather have the bright shiny Copper look back, the god news is you can polish this yourself with a dry copper or brass polish pad. With a few rubs back and forth of the polish pad on the Copper, the patina will come right off and your shiny Copper pendant will be back to looking brand new! If your item came with a patina or rustic look, polishing them with the pads, can remove this look, and leave you with the shiny Copper. 


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A peek behind Sweet Aspen Jewels

A peek behind Sweet Aspen Jewels

When starting this adventure or business, I had no idea what I was in for. I knew I wanted to make Jewelry and I knew I wanted it to be unique and mean something to whom ever wore it. So my journey began, little did I know then, I was in for a huge surprise. My business would expand and grow, it would bring a lot of really neat designs to a lot of really neat people!

I managed to fall in love with a business where I hand-make everything. So not only do I have to be my own manager, bookkeeper, customer service, packaging and shipping service, but I also have to make everything... by hand... one at a time!

Making hand stamped jewelry, in the mist of business means;

Cutting out the metal... polishing it... hammering in each letter, one at time... and that means, each letter, number, symbol, design... you name it I pound each one into the metal with a stubby 10oz hammer!

After we do this it is more polishing...

Oxidizing the letters, numbers, symbols, sometimes even, the metal itself, which is adding the black color to it...

Polishing goes on some more...

Assembling the pendants, crystals, charms... onto each ring, onto the chain...

A final polish and check before it is... wrapped, packaged, and placed in the envelope, ready for postage.

Now I love what I do, and I am sharing this with you because I know how much it means to all of you, that all of this hard work goes into each of your items, that we take the time to make sure we do each step correctly. That we check and double check for errors and small details that may distort the final product, the one you see in the photos, the one you want for yourself or to give to your loved one and say with pride, here I helped design this; just for you.

We know you appreciate every detail that is thought of and placed carefully so that you have not just a gift but meaning behind your gift. It can tell a story, it can tell part of your story. We know you will love the smile on their face when, they see that you took that extra time when thinking of their gift, and adding that personal touch.

That you gave us that time to make sure your items were made with hard work and lots of love. After all time is such a rare commodity these days, it is more precious than any gift you could give. So spend your time with them and trust we are working as hard as we can to get your item to you.

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Why Hand Stamping?

Why Hand Stamping?

I have recently asked myself why do I love doing this so much. Why out of the many things I could be doing, why have I fallen for this Art? Jewelry designing, hand making it all from metal, hammering in each letter to form beautiful words to express yourself and what you care about.

When I think about the answer, all I can think of are the endless possibilities Hand Stamping brings to jewelry. It is different, it is unique and you can create new things to no end. I love, love ,love, being different. I am one of those people who wants to go left because everyone else is going right. I don't like to blend in, but I also don't want the spotlight. I want to just be different, I crave it, to be one of a kind, unforgettable, and hopefully always in a good way. I think at the root of this is a strong sense of individuality, which is what I try to bring to my jewelry. I try to catered the designs to individuals that I am making them for. This is why I love what I do. I try to stay at the top of my game, so I can bring you something that will express who you are or what you care about. Something that can show the world, the best parts about you, because we all know, the best parts about you, are that you are different too. There is no one else in the world just like you.  Twins are as close as it gets and even they are different on so many levels.

I really love that I can create so many different pieces, and that I can make new designs every day. Designing new items, new creations, new phrases, combining new and different parts of words to make something truly unique. I have such a strong drive to do this in my life, that it just pours into my business. 

I hope to always be able to bring originality to my Art. I hope it inspires all of you the way it does me. I hope it inspires those of you who want to stand apart and be one of a kind, to do so. I hope next time everyone is going left, you go right. You will be the one that inspires millions. The one, when we look back in history, who has made your mark and made a strong one. It is something to embrace, to be unique and one of a kind. In this world, it means you will be unforgettable and hopefully always in a good way.

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