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“I learned about hand stamping and I just fell in love with it!”

When deciding upon a name for our amazing little shop, we came across The Aspen Tree, which is strong, beautiful, and fierce! According to Celtic beliefs, the Aspen Tree symbolizes Transformation, Vision, and Being Fearless. This is what I aspire in my life and for my business! To always have the best quality, newest ideas and designs, and to master the customer - seller relationship.

We make items to Represent your life & Who you are! Through the use of Hand Stamping, we can create truly One of a Kind Creations, just for you! We cut our own metal, polish it, and then mold it in to the beautiful creations you see in our shop! As life is a little bit messy and not always perfect, our pieces represents this well! Not everything will always line up perfect, like a machine does, all though we would like to emphasize, this will add so much more character to your items! So much heart is put into each piece we make, as well as a little bit of love that is continuously carried through them, as it tells your story!

Being that each letter is individually stamped one at a time onto each piece of jewelry, by hand is why it can never be created again, as hard as we may try, it is impossible to get each letter placed in the same exact spot as the piece before. There is a process to hand stamped jewelry and each piece is made and tailored in its own special way.It takes lots or time and heart to create and make each piece into masterpiece, and the fact it can never be recreated is always a plus in our eyes! Each piece is very special to us, instead of a machine pressing them out in batches, it is molded from a blank piece of dull metal into a bright shiny expression of you that you can take with you anywhere!Thank you for allowing us to create your wonderful one of a kind item! We love what we do, and go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your order and our services! We specialize in tailoring each piece to exactly your specifications!

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